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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
The photoshoot @ 5:39 PM

Went to Marina Barrage yesterday with kiatyi, reached thr like 12 or so, and the sun was a TORTURE. Spent like 30mins putting on my costume and after 5mins out, i went back in to change. LOL. I woke up at 8AM to get ready leh. But then again, i wake up at 8am every morning. :S weird body clock.

Headed over to CityHall (could we were both dying of thirst and hunger) and ate our lunch at MOS BURGER. Yum. So happy. Then we toured the rest of Singapore, Esplanadae/Merlion/Fullerton Hotel, SG river etc like tourists. -.-

Finally by 4+ the Sun wasn't that hot anymore, and we headed back to Marina Barrage to shoot. I became an expert! I spend like 10-15mins putting on the costume this time. :D Much to the photographer's delight.

There were much more people this time, most were flying kites, or having a picnic, alot were families or groups of friends. It really is a beautiful place, and from pictures of the blue skies behind me, can't you no agree more?

Perfect for couples to hang out (DURING THE EVENING PLEASE) to watch the sunset. Note that there will be quite alot of people thr, so dont go too lovey dovey. LOL. There's a free shuttle bus there from Marina Bay mrt station. Last bus from mrt is at 6pm, last one from marina bay at 7.15pm. SO if you're gonna go home after 7.15pm, get ready your transport.

A BIG HUGE FAT GIANTIC THANKYOU TO MISS TAN KIATYI FOR BEING EXTREMELY PATIENCE AND PROFESSIONAL. Thanks for running abt with me yesterday even though you're unwell! :D Loved the photos.

Lastly, the photos for your viewing (and laughing) pleasure. Can anyone guess what character i'm cosplaying? None of the photos were photoshopped btw.

parts of perfect

Sunday, April 12, 2009
shinjiku @ 6:55 PM

A picture speaks a thousand words.

All above, me, shihui, jasmine, kiatyi & leo went to catch the shinjiku incident at vivo city. Went to the gym before that with leo. Quite slack during gym, cause my arms & legs were cramping due to the WII party the day before.

Anyway, stupid contact lens took me like 20 freaking mins to handle, cause my GEO lens were like tearing up my eyes. I had to open my new lens to put on. YADA YADA.

Anyway, fast forward to vivo, it was rather crowded, but normal for a sunday, managed to get good seats though, and me & leo have free tickets! :D

I very nice ok, use my $8 coupon for one of the girls ( i only had one).


The show was gory at someparts, where they just chopped out the hands of people. Wah seh, leo was covering my eyes for me, and i was like constantly gripping his arms. LOL.

After the show, we walked ard, and went for dinner, where i got scolded by kiatyi for stabbing my steak. Awful meal.

Under the window, dot dot dot.

parts of perfect

Friday, April 10, 2009
Dinner @ 5:25 PM

Well, met up with Boon for dinner last night, it was raining the whole damn day. -.- We went over to chompchomp but it was bloody full with like throngs of people, well public holiday mah, so we went over to chupchup, the one opposite the post office.

Ordered soya bean, satay (not very nice), fried oyster (or-luak), and fish soup. LOL. yes, we finished.

Then we walked back, along the way i made a bet with Boon on 1 cup of soyabean than jason wouldn't come over to meet us. Enough said, i lost.

Met up with jason, from a THOUSAAAAAANDDDDD years ago, super long nv see him le! Never change, still the same, except more bad eh? Hang around again next time, sure to have fun. thanks for the night you guys. :D

parts of perfect

Thursday, April 9, 2009
JB @ 7:06 PM

Hey everyone, it has suddenly occured to me that i haven't been blogging since ages. Haha. Well, since i'm bored now, i shall.

Went to JB yesterday, took a coach in with mum, Mei Hao and her mum. We booked seats from a coach and had to meet at woodlands mrt for the coach to come pick us up. We kept looking out for a coach and to our *surprise* a VAN came. Mini van. LOL.

Heng we were not the only ones who were taking the coach, there was some other group as well. The whole process in took a mere 15-20mins? Damn near. Anyway, we alighted at DANGA CITY MALL, the new huge shopping mall. It was a ghost town. Do avoid. haha. We left that place 5mins after walking about. Took a cab from Danga Mall to City Sq with high hopes, 5RM. Our high hopes were dashed.

City Sq was such a raved about place, and yet when we got there, there were hardly ANYTHING to buy. Well, got a normal basic tank for like 10RM, a bb cream from faceshop (FS thr is much cheaper: MH bought the bb cream from SGD38 HEEEEEE...), a tshirt for 10RM and that's it. The trendy stuff like floral skirts, etc, were like double the price of those found in SG. I rather go bugis street. LOL. MH bought shoes and all that also. Not very cheap leh, the nicer designs costs a bomb. Wanted to get an airbrush tattoo, but my mum says its a waste of money. But it's so damn cheap la! Like 8-15RM only lor. :( Sentosa one like 20SGD!

Anyway, headed off to Holiday plaza after that, which was another 6-7RM away. It was much more sleazy, security isn't that good. Held onto our bags for dear life. The whole place looks old, but the stuff there were much cheaper than in City sq. They have more shops worth walking into, but many shops sells slutty, skimpy clothes. LOL. Bought a cute bow-tie blouse for 20RM (my mum's haggling skills) and bought 2 shirts for Leo. Very cheap leh, 30RM for any two shirts. :D Bought contact lens there as well, 55RM for 2boxes plus free one pair! Better still it covers mild astig, so it'll be much clearer for me. Yay! The coloured lens are so cheap also. Get your lenses from holiday plaza instead of city plaza. Ask me if you wanna know the address to the shop i went!

Their lolita stuff so expensive lor. :( So gorgeous thou. Oh well. The MACS there was such a rip off, the bill was 21RM but the waiter told MH to give 24RM, then before her, he gave 50RM less to the lady, who demanded her 50RM back. WTF right?

Cab back to the custom, 8RM, all the taxi drivers press the meter but quote higher prices anyway. -.-


parts of perfect

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Becuase i'm a girl @ 3:23 AM

parts of perfect

Thursday, January 1, 2009
7 things @ 5:43 PM

Super cute song!

parts of perfect

Saturday, September 27, 2008
Evil merchants @ 2:58 AM

It's revolting to see such things happening; evil merchants selling tainted milk to earn more profits.

What is even more disgusting is the fact that there were actually cases since December, LAST YEAR and they COVERED everything up TILL NOW.

I mean, i was always wary about some of the made-in-china stuff, but who can blame it's attractive cheap prices?

Over 53000 babies are affected as of now, and i believe still counting. Even stuff like M&Ms, Dutch Lady, and Nestle has been recalled.

Like OMFG!

I used to LOOOVEEE Dutch lady. I tried all the flavors, honeydew, banana, strawberry, chocolate...

My mum was super funny. She went to the NTUC with our unopened pack of peanut M&Ms and asked if she could get a refund.

Mum: "Excuse me, can i get a refund for this? But i lost the receipt since it was quite a few weeks ago. Still can refund?"

Staff: "Er...i ask my manager."

Manager: "Sure, you may refund this item."

Mum: "Really ar? But i put inside the fridge, so it's cold M&Ms chocolate. Can?"

Manager: "No problem, etc etc etc..."

Mum: *heads to counter & got her refund quickly before leaving*

LOL. Actually, i filled in parts of the conversation myself. Since i wasn't there. But this was pretty much what happened, according to my mum. She was pretty please with the $2.80 she got back.

Hias. Mums.

Anyway, i have yahoo as my homepage, and i like how there is always updated news about Singapore and the world in the 'Featured Section'.

So i chanced upon this article:

Lion cub, baby orangutans sick from Chinese milk

Shi Hui also told me that some merchants used chopsticks and soak them so long they 'rot', turning into leek/bamboo shoots like veggie and selling them.

I've also seen on the news, that they use wax in the making of 'La Chang'.

You know, that very obscene looking thing you see hanging around Mei Zhen Xiang stalls?

I love eating those sliced, and fried into an omelette.

Then my dad also told me about some merchants, who took rotten, diseased parts of pork and pass them off as fresh pork to sell in the market.

What's a kid to do, living in a globalized world.

parts of perfect